Religious Education

It is the aim and ethos of the R.E. Department to promote Christian values implicitly amongst our students, without any expectation that the child belongs to any particular denomination or faith.

The department consists of two specialist and one non specialist teachers. Two hours per week are devoted to R.E. in Year 7 and one hour per week in Years 8 & 9. In Years 10 & 11, all students receive two hours R.E. tuition per week.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, all students examine aspects of Christianity and Islam using a variety of teaching methods including “The Island”. This Scheme of Learning investigates rites of passage using a generic approach which has proved to be motivational and successful amongst our younger students. We examine some philosophical and spiritual issues and we are looking forward to implementing aspects of the Illuminating Pathways curriculum which has been developed by the Blackburn Diocese.

Key Stage 4

Current Year 11 students are studying towards gaining a Short Course or Full Course Qualification in GCSE Religious Studies. From current Year 10 onwards all students are studying for Full Course GCSE Religious Studies. They are following the AQA Religion and Life Issues and Religion and Morality syllabus.

Religious Education at Saint Aidan's is a popular and high profile subject at the heart of our school.

RE is provided for all pupils, and is inclusive and broad minded. Parents do have the right to withdraw pupils from RE: if you wish to do this, make an appointment with the Headteacher/RE subject leader. The school does not support selective withdrawal from RE.