Family Challenge 2015

The Family Challenge event has run for many years now, with challenges ranging from building boxes to hold and protect eggs to creating chairs from cardboard boxes. This year, however, the event was a brand new code cracking extravaganza. Focussed on encryption the challenge helped develop literacy, numeracy and computer science based skills. It also had more cross curricular appeal than normal as it involved questions based on a variety of subject specific topics.

The teams were given their first clue and had to head off to the correct room in school to locate a code. Using the school iPads, they had to take a picture of the code and present this at the desk to collect their first shift. Using the shift they could then decipher the code to find the name of a famous person linked to the subject area where they found the code. It led to an amazing night of organised chaos with heads throbbing and bodies aching as the families raced around the school to solve the increasingly difficult clues and Maths puzzles.



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