A Work of Art

harbour paint

Earlier this term, Miss Brannigan set an art competition on behalf of Harbour Hospital in Blackpool. Students were challenge to create bright and upbeat outcomes to reflect rebirth, joy, hope and the future.

Over 100 students in Year 8 to 10 submitted entries in many different styles and vibrant colours. Eventually, the entries were whittled down to just two images. These were the work by Kaitlin Ward and Scarlott Holford. Their work will now be made into large scale canvas and be housed in quiet reflective area for patients, carers and visitors at the Harbour Hospital to admire and enjoy.

Miss Bernie Brannigan, Director of Creative and Performing Arts, said, “I am delighted with the response to this Art competition. The nature and sensitivity surrounding the issue of mental health was portrayed in some very positive and interesting ways.

“I am really looking forward to watching how the large scale canvas develops and will be very proud to witness the unveiling of it in the Harbour hospital. I am sure it will brighten up the space at the Harbour hospital.”



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