My First Half Term at Saint Aidan’s

My First Half Term at Saint Aidans 1

My First Half Term at Saint Aidan’s

As Year 7 reach the end of the first, very long half term at Saint Aidan’s, Holly Brooke (12) explains what it has been like settling in to high school.

Exactly a year ago, I was a Year 6 pupil with less than one year left at primary school, and – I’ll be honest – I was a bit uneasy about leaving the school I’d been at since I was an infant. And my parents were even more nervous than me!

But here I am: a Year 7 student at St Aidan’s, where I’ve been for a half-term, and I needn’t have worried. I feel that I fit in so well. The older students have really helped out, making us new ones feel so very welcome, and … don’t tell them I said so, but … the teachers are really nice too!

If you are a Year 6 pupil, you might be worried about starting at St Aidan’s: going to different rooms for different subjects, remembering everyone’s names, getting lost, not knowing what to do for lunch, what to do about catching the bus or being in different classes to your Year 6 friends. I have to say, I was a bit panicky about all of these things. And all I can say now is… don’t worry. Everyone looks after everyone else.

I have enjoyed everything so far but my favourite lesson would have to be the first Art lesson. Let’s face it, teachers must be pretty talented if they can make the whole class take off a shoe to sketch, stinking the whole room out, and still ensuring we had an enjoyable lesson by the time the bell rings! Our teachers have high expectations of our work and attitude. They will always support children where needed, but they expect us take our own share of responsibility for our learning. I feel a lot more grown-up already.

As well as the interesting lessons, we do lots of other fun and exciting things at St Aidan’s, like clubs and trips. Personally, I am looking forward to the upcoming theatre trip to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in December. We will be seeing the musical production of Charles Dickens’ novel, Great Expectations – and I can’t wait!

I am very proud to wear my school uniform, and to be a part of the St Aidan’s and wake up on a morning happy to go to school. And I think you will, too!



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