New Head Boy and Head Girl announced

HB HG 7Officer team 2017 18

Following the arduous experience of application letters, group and panel interviews, the 2017-18 Officer Team has been announced.

Head Girl: Anya Galloway

Why did you want to be Head Girl?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past four years at Saint Aidan’s and I really wanted to give something back. I also wanted to be a representative of the school as I am proud to be part of it.

I have been part of lots of activities over the last four years, from the school Eco Club to Sports teams as well as achieving my Gold 16 by 16. I want to be able to represent the school in my final year in a way that allowed me to give something back following all the opportunities I’ve had since starting in 2013HB HG 2 Anya

How did you feel when you heard the news?

When I received the news, I was shocked but soon after I was excited to work with other members of the Officer Team. It also made me proud of myself for achieving that position as there were many other candidates who deserved it.

What do you hope to achieve as Head Girl?

As Head Girl, I want to influence the younger students in school by being a role model and mentor for them. I’d also hope to achieve some impact on education about the world’s social issues, particularly in relation to the Media. I think it is important students have the opportunity to discuss their views and ideas about news, current affairs, politics and social issues around the world in an open, honest and confident way.

Head Boy: Jack Dennehy

How did you feel through the application process?

I have had the desire to represent our school at the highest level for quite some time, so I strived to be as confident as possible upon applying. I wanted to be able to give something back to the school.HB HG 1 Jack

I have done lots over the years to help at events such as Buddy Reading and being the school’s Poet Laureate for KS4, as well as representing the school in the football team. I am now looking forward to leading the student body in the role of Head Boy; I am delighted and it is a real honour.

How do you think you can contribute to the school?

I am very proud to attend this school, which gives me a real desire and urge to bring ideas to our school.

Being a Christian, I feel that I can bring ideas to the school which would add to the school’s Christian values.

With Anya, Lauren and Andrew, all of whom I share classes and am friends with, I feel our ideas will be beneficial to the school and confidently presented at our meetings. I know that together with all the other Officers we can be the best Officer Team yet!

Deputy Head Boy: Andrew Woodhouse

What was the process of application like?

It was very challenging however you are given a chance to show yourself off and the feeling of gaining such a high position is indescribable. Another huge advantage is the process gives you a taste of what a real job interview will be like so you gainHB HG 5 Andrew great experience for the future. Plus, your confidence is boosted when you know you have done well in your interview.

What do you feel you can do to make our school a better place?

Personally, bringing a closer link between Year 7 and KS4 students to provide full support for Year 7s as they make their first challenging steps into life as a Saint Aidan’s students.

Also, as a school, branching into the local community will help the school to show off its excellence and show people how good Saint Aidan’s is.

Deputy Head Girl: Lauren Canning

Why did you want to be part of the Officer team?

I have enjoyed the last four years at Saint Aidan’s and wanted to give back to the school, as all the teachers have helped me so much. I also wanted to be a good ambassador and tell members of the public why they should come to such a fantastic school.

I have contributed to school life over the past four year, including Sports team, Media Club, Peer Mentoring, Open Evenings,HB HG 6 Lauren and the German Exchange so I wanted to continue to do this in my final year and I wanted to be a role model for younger students.

How did you feel when you were announced DHG?

When my name was read out I was so happy; I couldn’t wait to tell my parents!

I am looking forward to being more involved with the school and can’t wait to take on the role. I feel so immensely proud of the four of s and now can’t wait for Year 11!

Mr Smith - Headteacher

"I'm very pleased to be able to begin working with our new team of Officers and Proctors. They have a lot to live up to because our Officers and Proctors always do an amazing job, but I know that they will be superb once again.

“We were all impressed by the high standards they reached and picking the successful candidates was a difficult job for us because we had so many good ones to choose from. I came away from the process exhausted but really excited too!

“Thanks and congratulations are due to all our new Officers and Proctors, and especially to our new Head Student Team of Anya, Jack, Lauren and Andrew."

Mrs Cross – Head of Year

“I'd like to say how incredibly proud I am of all the candidates interviewed for the position of Officer.

“All applicants conducted themselves excellently during the arduous selection process and we had many deserving candidates - it's just a shame we are limited to the twelve officer and four senior proctor positions.

“That said, I believe we have found the most fantastic team of Officers and Senior Proctors, and within that team we have excellent leaders in Anya, Jack, Lauren and Andrew. I'm sure they will be an exceptional team to see us through the next year and will continue to be great ambassadors for the school over the coming months.”



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