Poet Laureates Announced

Poet Laureates Announced 1

Students become school’s official poets

In October, the English Department ran a competition to find a Poet Laureate for our school. The winner of this competition would be assigned to write poems for any important occasions or events for the school, as the Queen’s Poet Laureate might. We thought it would be good to find out some about our new writers.


Name: Jack DennehyPoet Laureates Announced 2

KS4 Poet Laureate

Year: 10

Reaction to announcement:

“I was surprised because there were a lot of other people that I thought were better than me and I didn’t think mine was amazing!”

Looks forward to writing poems about:

“Easter because there’s a lot of things to write about.”

Favourite thing to write poems about:

“Negative things because they’re easier to rant about!”


Name: Daniel WilsonPoet Laureates Announced 2

KS3 Poet Laureate

Year: 8

Reaction to announcement:

“I just felt really happy because I tried my hardest in writing my entry for the competition – my poem- and I was hoping that I would win and I did, so I just felt really proud of myself!

Looks forward to writing poems about:

“Christmas and Remembrance next year because you can really think about and make good poetry about those topics.”

Favourite thing to write poems about:

“Probably just anything that happens in my life or significant events!”


Name: Emily PickworthPoet Laureates Announced 4

KS3 Poet Laureate

Year: 7

Reaction to announcement:

“I felt very happy and amazed that, since I’m only in Year Seven, I was picked but I was quite confident with my poem and I was happy with it.”

Looks forward to writing poems about:

“I look forward to writing poems about anything around school that people would wish to know about, or that people are happy about!”

Favourite thing to write poems about:

“Anything! The things around me, the beauty of the world, Saint Aidan’s or anything that I love.


We also spoke to Miss Fewson who is the Director of English to find out what she thought about the competition and the winners.

“I was amazed by the positive response of the students to the Poet Laureate competition, with over seventy entries.

“It was refreshing to see such creativity and imagination from a wide range of students.

“Selection of the final Laureates was very challenging, though they just stood out from the others after several times of reading.

“Well done to Danny, Emily and Jack.”



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