Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography

Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography 4

Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography

On Friday 21st October, three Year 9 classes had the chance to go and walk around the flood defences at Garstang. This gave the students the opportunity to review the unit of work from before the summer about rivers and flooding, and gave students an understanding of real-life examples of Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography 2flood management schemes similar to those they have studied in class.

As well as understanding the Garstang case study better, students also had the opportunity to develop fieldwork skills that are vital, particularly for those students who will study Geography at GCSE.Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography 3

Students were split into five groups, and walked around the flood defences, noting down the land use in different areas and taking photos of the defences in order that they can complete a detailed fieldwork write up on their return to school.

Year 9 Experience Real Life Geography 1The work they are now doing in school is based around an investigation entitled: Is the Garstang flood management scheme effective? Students are currently completing group presentations based on the field visit before completing an individual write up.

Mr Corbridge, Geography Teacher, said, “This was a great opportunity for students to experience fieldwork like at GCSE and the students seemed to enjoy the trip and gain a lot from it. They have been working enthusiastically and showing a great understanding of the scheme since returning to school this week.”



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