Literacy is essential to all learning throughout the school, in all years and across all subject areas. At Saint Aidan's, we know that good literacy skills across the school curriculum enable students to communicate effectively. They allow students to become more confident in their own abilities as learners and allow each child to develop their particular skills to the highest level possible.

We are firm believers in the fundamental principle that Literacy is the key to raising standards and improving learning. We aim to produce literate students who will emerge as confident and articulate communicators.

In this area you will find a range of resources and information that will enable you, as parents/carers, to support your child with their literacy. There are further resources available on Smoodle in the Literacy across the Curriculum area.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact

The BBC Skillswise website gives excellent information on practical literacy skills for adults: 

Need help with spelling?

Useful advice and free worksheets to improve spelling for adults and children:

Need help with punctuation?

Download our helpful guide to the most common punctuation marks:

 Punctuation Basics

Monthly Literacy Focus

Each month the whole school will focus upon a particular aspect of literacy skills. Each focus will be taught/revisited explicitly by the English Department at the beginning of each month with all year groups.  A set of posters will be created to display in every teaching room linked to each monthly focus and a complete master set available on the school network for staff.  Holiday patterns have been taken into account hence the consolidation months.

Month Focus
June Parts of speech
July Capital letter/full stops
September Prefixes/suffixes
October Commas and other punctuation
November Paragraphs
December Consolidation
January Apostrophes (omission/possession)
February Sentence structure and connectives
March Homophones
April Varying sentence openings
May Synonyms

Marking of Literacy across the curriculum

Students will have work marked using the key below which you will also find in your son/daughter’s planner.

Symbol Meaning Explanation
// Paragraph I should have started a new paragraph here
Sp Spelling I have made a spelling mistake.  I need to look at the right spelling and learn it
P Punctuation I have made a mistake in punctuation, e.g. full stop, comma etc.
^ Missing I have left something out
/ Separate I have joined together two words that should be separate
T Tense I have used the wrong tense
Cp Capital I have made a mistake using capital letters
G Grammar I have made a grammatical mistake (e.g. we was)
? Unclear What I have written does not make sense
WW Wrong Word I have used the wrong word so need to use a dictionary or thesaurus or check the homophone (e.g. hour/our)
Ap Apostrophe I have missed out an apostrophe or used it incorrectly



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