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Saint Aidan's News

GCSE Results 2017

Lots of nervous students were waiting outside the Learning Resource Centre at just before 9.00 am this morning as they waited for their GCSE results. There was even more to think about this year than usual because of the new tougher exams in English and Maths with a different grading system.

However, it did not take long for worried faces to turn into smiles as envelopes were opened and results taken in. 83% of students gained the new Grade 4 pass in English and 82% in Maths, with 77% of students achieving this in both English and Maths. This is a big increase on last years’ comparable figure despite the more demanding exams. Well done to students and to their teachers.

Other results were excellent this year too – record results in Science with 76% of students achieving C or above in at least 2 Science subjects and an amazing 54 students (38%) achieving Grade A or A* in RE this year.

All in all, a lot for this year’s Year 11 students to aspire to!