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Students go to Tower Wood

On Monday, 11th September 15 Year 10s made their way to Tower Wood. With their suitcases in tow (containing enough food to feed an army, never mind last them a week), their week of PE practical began.  

The visit forms a vital part of their GCSE PE practical performance marks. Students must acquire three practical marks, one being an individual event. Going to Tower Wood allows them to complete their individual skill and this year it was rock climbing. Students spend a week developing their skills and are marked out of 25 (up to 10 marks for the skills they can demonstrate and up to 15 marks for demonstrating how they use the skills in context).  

Miss Michelle McGrath explains, “The residential trip takes place in the Lake District by Lake Windermere. Not only do students develop their team work skills, their communication skills and their ability to follow instructions, but they also develop their socialising skills by working in new groups. In addition there is the experience of being away from home all week and learning life skills such as washing up, making beds, clearing up after tea, getting their bags and equipment ready for the day, which some students found harder than others!” 

She added, “Students showed great development throughout the week and the progress made was brilliant. Students overcame fears and put themselves in challenging situations they hadn’t faced before, which were overcome with great success. Well done to all; some great marks awarded towards their GCSE PE practical marks.”