Saint Aidan's News

Family Fun

On Thursday 5th October the school hall was brimming full of families excited to battle it out at the school’s annual Family Challenge Evening. 

Mr Ireland, who organises the event said, “This is a great opportunity to allow parents to feel more involved in their child’s life at Saint Aidan’s and a great chance for their family to bond and work as a team in a really fun and different type of event.” 

The theme is targeted to stimulate interest and raise awareness of STEM subjects so tends to be orientated around task’s to increase their awareness of these valuable aspects of their education.  

This year’s theme focussed on constructing a chair from recycled cardboard and helped developed craft, creativity skills alongside maths, design and structural concepts.

 Mr Ireland added, “Seeing their parents involved and struggling in the same activities as them also helps them see their parents valuing education, lifelong learning and challenge, especially as they all struggle together! 

“It has been a long time since we have run this particular version of the evening but it was a great success. The quality of the chairs was fantastic with one of the highlights being a beautifully crafted cat chair, which won the ‘Best Looking Chair’ award.” 

Mr Ireland concluded, “We had a little bit of a worry with so many well-made chairs staying in one piece, in spite of me sitting on them, but thankfully the Newton meter came to the rescue and the winner which was a close call was decided by mass. We have since had a lot of positive responses with parents and students saying how much they thoroughly enjoyed it all.”