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Student cooks take over the Villa

Amy Shuttleworth, Year 10, reports on her experience as part of the school’s annual Villa event, which this year included students from Year 9, 10 and 11.  

Every year, students of Saint Aidan’s go to the Villa in Wrea Green and cook a culinary three course meal for family, friends and staff. However this year was different; instead of GCSE students doing this, it was opened up to Years 9, 10 and 11.  

First we had to write a letter deciding which position we wanted to be and why we were good for the role. Lots of people applied and received interviews. In these interviews, we got asked questions by Mrs Rossall, Head of the Technology Department and Food Technology teacher, about how we could work with other people and be on our feet for a long time.  

Once we received our roles, meetings took place with some of the most important people in the kitchen and front of house. We decided the theme of the night (autumn) including the decorations and the three course menu.  

After weeks of meetings and preparation, the night finally arrived. At lunch, some of the students drove to the Villa in Wrea Green and the chefs got changed into whites and aprons. Almost straight away, the chefs were in the kitchen preparing for the meals, making soup, pastry and desserts.  

The clock struck 7pm and 156 guests started to arrive at the venue. It became manic as every chef in the kitchen was getting ready to serve the starters. A conveyor belt of plates starters and garnishes was under way. One side serving Butternut Squash and bacon soup and the other serving stuffed mushrooms. Soon after the rush had calmed down and the chefs had eaten some of the leftover dishes we served up the main course: steak and ale, chicken or vegetarian pie.  

More people wanted vegetarian so we quickly had to make more to be served. The desserts were almost ready to go out as well, a long table had every plate lined up and we were all placing the desserts on them with sauces and custards.  

Overall the night was a success and many family members and teachers coming praised the whole event. Mrs Rossall worked extremely hard to organise everything but it all paid off in the end. It was a great experience to work in a professional kitchen and we can’t wait for next year