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Kilombero Fair Trade Rice Challenge

Many of our new year 9 students took part in the Kilombero Fair Trade rice challenge before half term in their Geography lessons. The challenge is to sell as much rice as possible to friends, family and people around school. The money gained from every 90 bags that are sold pays for 1 year of education for a child in Malawi – one of the 20 poorest countries in the world.

Students had been learning about Fair Trade around the world and designed a marketing campaign to tell people about the challenge, explaining why they should spend £3 buying Fairtrade rice and the difference it will make to people in Malawi if they are able to access an education.

In total, the year group sold 437 bags of rice. This is a brilliant achievement and means we have provided nearly 5 years of school education for a child in Malawi! This is an excellent way for students to learn about Fair Trade and actually make a difference to peoples’ lives around the world. During the campaign some students got to see an interview with a Malawian rice farmer and learnt more about the struggles faced when growing rice to earn a living.

Mr Corbridge said, “This is a great way for students to get involved and make a difference to peoples’ lives. It is great to see students being competitive and trying to sell as much rice as they can. This really demonstrates the Christian values that are important to us at Saint Aidan’s. As the money is counted out and the rice is distributed students see the sheer volume of rice they have sold and it starts to hit home what a difference this will make. The interview with the Malawian rice farmer helped students to understand how the lives of families are transformed once they can afford access to education”.

We’re looking forward to continuing this challenge over the next few years and are hoping to be twinned with a Malawian farmer so we can keep in touch with them and learn more about their life.