Saint Aidan's News

Transition Year

When I first started Saint Aidan’s after leaving Singleton primary school in September 2017, I felt many different emotions; fear, worry, trepidation and excitement were just a few that immediately spring to mind. I needn’t have worried though, as once I started and had survived the first few days I realised what a warm and welcoming school I had chosen to become a part of.

I found that I especially enjoyed new subjects that I had not experienced much before, such as Computer Studies, Drama and Geography. Other lessons like PE now offered new sports for me to get involved in such as basketball, rugby and hand-ball.

It is always scary wondering if you will be able to make friends, when you are a ‘newbie’ anywhere, but as I had left a lovely, countryside school where there were only four boys in my year group I was particularly worried about this. Once again, these worries were needless, as my whole year group just gelled together quickly and it felt almost like we were all part of one big soap opera like Coronation Street!      

If I was going to give one piece of advice to a student worrying about beginning their first year at Saint Aidan’s, I would say, ‘get involved’. By doing that, teachers get to know who you are, and it gives you the opportunity to make new friends with whom you may have shared interests. For me these opportunities have come through joining the school council, being involved in drama and music productions and being a part of various sports teams.

The school trips are great too. As they give you the chance to meet other people out of school as well as to see new places. There are lots of opportunities to go on school trips at Saint Aidan’s, both in Europe and even further afield. I am really looking forward to going on a skiing trip to Austria in February next year.

If you are due to start at Saint Aidan’s in September 2018, I hope you will be as happy as I am.

Lawrence Ellis-Gray