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Life at Saint Aidan’s Moving Up To Secondary School


Saint Aidan’s, to other people, may just be another school, but to students, parents, staff and teachers here it is our home. To me, Saint Aidan’s is the place where I go to learn and see my friends, and honestly I couldn’t be happier with my school life. I am left in no doubt as to whether I made the right decision when choosing my high school.

One of the roles I have taken on since joining the Saint Aidan’s family is one in the student leadership team. Also known as the student council, we make decisions and changes in school and try to make our school a better place to be (though personally I don’t think it could be much better than it already is).

We meet every other Friday in the Boardroom to discuss matters arising, with a double hot chocolate and a smile, and a great forty minutes ahead.

 My favourite thing about our school is the atmosphere; how everyone is connected and we really are like one big family. I also love having the knowledge that it isn’t all about our grades - how we’re doing in Maths, or English, or Science - but about being ourselves and being happy.

At Saint Aidan’s I have found that there is never a time where I have felt like one of a crowd - everyone is treated as an individual who is valued and is mature. I can assure you that if you come to Saint Aidan’s you will be welcomed, you will never be lost and you will never feel like you don’t matter.

By Isobel Lavery (Year 8)