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A Spectacular Summer Production

Year 9 Students, Rebecca Singer and Olivia Rawlings report on what it has been like taking part in this year’s school production, ‘The Last Resort’.

This year Mr Swindley cast a new play – ‘The Last Resort’.  He spent a lot of time choosing the right people to play each part, as this is a vital part of the play. Every Thursday, at 3pm, the whole cast would go to the drama room for a rehearsal until 5pm. The whole cast was really dedicated, including Mr Swindley, and they all wanted the play to go well.

At first the cast were shy and not very confident. As the months went past, the play began to get more and more structured and Mr Swindley could tell that the cast were becoming better and better. George Canning, one of Mr Swindley’s previous students, came to many rehearsals to help go through scenes with the cast. He showed everyone many warm up exercises to get them into the part they were playing.

In fact, one of the after school rehearsals was dedicated to bringing out the cast’s confidence more. This was so they weren’t as timid to go up on stage. This consisted of small role playing exercises and freeze frames to start. By the end of the rehearsal, we finished by doing things on our own, such as: singing across to one another, creating loud noises and even performing some type of movement across a circle we were all in while yelling certain praises.

The next rehearsal you could tell this had really made an impact as the cast were much more confident and less timid than before. George’s confidence booster exercise had really helped the cast to jump from being nervous people on stage to realising that you’re playing the part. We realised that if we didn’t play the part as well as we could, even if we felt stupid, we were just going to make ourselves look even more stupid than we thought we would look!

Next, the cast and Mr Swindley started to piece together what the costumes would look like and what props were needed. Soon, costumes were being brought in and the hall was being set up for full run through of the whole play. The music was all chosen and everyone knew how the two nights were going to plan out.

The cast were getting very comfortable now with the thought of performing on stage, compared to before, where most of them had never set foot on stage or even performed to anyone.

Miss Brannigan was starting to create posters about the nights it was going to be performed and what it was about. These posters were spread all around school and drawing a lot of attention to the play and many people were buying tickets. Miss Brannigan was really supportive in the play and great at advertising the play.

We spoke to Mr Swindley to find out what his thoughts were on the play. “I think the play was really good and I was already confident before the play had been performed; the cast knew most, if not all, of their lines and everyone seemed quite confident on stage.”

He added, “The whole cast were really fun to work with and they brought new ideas to the table which really brought the play to life. I would definitely do another production at school as I really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun.”

The performances were a great success and the hall was brimming with friends, family and members of the local community all crammed in to watch the spectacular performance.

The audience found the play hilarious and really enjoyed it. The whole cast were dressed amazingly and looked great for the part in their over the top costumes and they looked really realistic. Even the cast enjoyed the performance; they had definitely come a long way from the timid, nervous group of teenagers that George Canning had to cajole during his confidence exercises earlier in the year. By the end of the night, the cast wanted to do it all over again!

Overall the whole production was great success. We made new friends and improved their confidence and acting skills. Our drama skills were also improved and we had the chance to participate in a production. Also, we got the feel of what it’s like to be on stage and what it is like in the upcoming weeks before the show would be performed to an audience.