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Athletics Excellence!

Millie and Joe Newsham report on the amazing athletics results from this half term.

Millie Newsham reports on the Girls’ School Athletics competition success.

Over the summer term, Saint Aidan’s girls have been competing in many athletics competitions and tried their hardest in all of them. All the Saint Aidan’s girls who were part of the athletics team, went to various places to compete, such as Kirkham Grammar School, Stanley Park and Salt Ayre.

To train for these big competitions, the girls had to attend Athletics Club. The PE staff carefully selected the Athletics Team for each competition, and although not every girl got to compete this year, they kept coming to Athletics Club. One of the hardest competitions out of all of them was the girls’ combined events. This was because all the girls who competed had to enter one of every type of event, so even if you were a sprinter you would have to do a long-distance race too. At the Girls’ Combined Events at Stanley Park on 24th May, Adelaide Hodgkinson scored the most points in Long Jump and Lydia Hunt achieved the most points across the board in all events. This helped the Year 9 Girls finish runners up whilst Year 8 finish fourth.

One of the best competitions, though, was the most recent competition the Fylde Coast event at Stanley Park because you could go to the competition and just do the events that you are good at. At this event the Year 8s and Year 10s finish second whilst the Year 9s and 11s finish fourth.Miss McGrath said, “Across the board, the girls have performed outstandingly well. As a department we are really pleased with the commitment and dedication the girls have shown, week in week out during practice and at competitions. Their attitude and resilience brought to each competition was outstanding and they represented Saint Aidan's brilliantly.

Their performances have reached the highest standards we have seen, producing some fantastic results individually and as a school. We hope this is only the beginning and that they continue to excel.”

Joe Newsham reports on the Boys’ School Athletics competition success.

Over the past few weeks the boys’ athletics team have been competing in various competitions in places such as Blackpool’s Stanley Park and Garstang. All the competitors have been training hard for their particular events after school at Athletics Club. Although some students who would have liked to make the team did not, they still came to athletics to practise for Sports Day. The students who did make the team were very happy and proud to be competing for Saint Aidan’s. The competition were exciting because when we were competing you could have heard cheering from the rest of the Saint Aidan’s competitors miles away!

All the vigorous work has paid off as the boys have done very well. Most notably, at the Fylde Coast event at Stanley Park in June, the Year 8, 9 and 10 boys all came first with Year 11 coming second, which meant that overall Saint Aidan’s boys won the competition.

All the teachers are extremely proud of the teams and the individual competitors and their achievements and they are all looking forward to next year, but it will be hard to beat this year’s results as we did so well.

Mr Macleod said, “Boys athletics this year has been outstanding, with some exceptional performances. The highlight of the athletics season has to be the Boys’ Fylde Coast Athletics where we won whole competition. Well done to all those who participated. What an excellent achievement!