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Saint Aidan's News

Superb Sports Day

Maia Watson, Year 9, writes about 2017 Sports Day

The ruckus of over-excited children echoed through the school yard. Grey clouds hung above everyone but it was still an improvement from the day before! All four houses were full to the brim with banners strung across sticks to support their teams and the enthusiastic spirit was bouncing off everyone sat on the field. Mr Armfield had to attempt a few times before settling everybody down and he began to announce the upcoming events. The track races were called first; each name yelled into the microphone. 86.

As the day went on and more events were called out, everyone became more excitable, especially when the ice lollies where wheeled out. The queue stretched out past the benches, students waiting impatiently for their 'nutritious' snack. By eleven o'clock, all the students and teachers were itching to get out of their seats and get lunch but there were still a few more events: the long distance runners. The toughest events of all!

Throughout these events, the Saint Aidan's spirit shone through. Students supported their fellow school mates as they crossed the finish line, even though they were competing again them. For many, taking part in such a loving act was the highlight of their day.

Whilst this was going on, the tug of war had begun! The Year 10s and 11s prepared themselves to face each other. As soon as Mr Smith lowered his stick, the pull began. Teachers screamed and yelled and chanted for their house to win; people rose to their feet. After a successful win from Hilary, lunch time was finally announced. As everybody set off up the steep hill, the hurdles were seen being set up across the track and it dawned on the competitors that their turn would eventually come.

After lunch the sun began to peek through the clouds and people began lathering sun cream onto their friends rosy cheeks. "I was so nervous to do the hurdles in front of everyone," said Noelia, Year 9. "But once we had done our practice, it didn't seem so intimidating."

For the year 11 girls it was an exciting day as for the first time at Saint Aidan's we had a girls' tug of war competition. Everyone enjoyed this first.

The wait for Mr Armfield to announce the winner was suspenseful and everyone was on the edge of their seats. The winner was...Babbage! The fifth year in a row! They all erupted into a chaos of whooping and cheering and clapping. Being the school we are, everybody else supported them and clapped as well.

Alice from Year 9 told us what her highlight of the day was. "Probably, seeing how everyone was so supportive of each other whether they were the winning team or not."

It was a very successful sports day, all in all. And it was hilarious to see people coming in with sun tan marks where their neon paint had been! The team spirit of the school really shone through and all the teachers were impressed with the students willing attitudes to volunteer in their friends' places. We look forward to next year's sports day!