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A New Cohort of Cadets

As the Cadets of 2016-17 Pass Out, we find out who will step into their shoes from September.

Mr Tyson, Head of Year 9, explains, “This year nearly 30 students applied to be a Fire Cadet at Preesall Fire Station. 15 of those students went to interview and 12 have secured a place on the Fire Cadet scheme starting in September.

“The way they conducted themselves through interview was incredible and all of the interviewers commented on how good each applicant was throughout the process.

“In September the 12 selected students will be working in the community raising money for worthy causes on top of gaining a number of qualifications. They will be trained in the same way as a normal firefighter would be, breathing apparatus, extinguishing fires, cutting the roofs off cars and crawling through smoke filled buildings.”

He added, “I am very proud of each person that took the time to apply and very proud of the 15 that went through a difficult selection process. I can't wait to see them in action in September.” 

Let’s meet the new cadets and find out why the wanted to be a Fire Cadet in the first place.

Eva Nielsen

I wanted to be a fire cadet because it is a good way to add to your personal skills and I wanted to work in a uniform. When I found out I was very excited as I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get in. It was so great and my best friend also got picked. I felt proud of myself for doing so well in the interview. I can’t wait to learn new skills.

Tilly Tracey

I thought being a Fire Cadet would be an enjoyable experience that would teach my helpful skills.When I was told I’d been successful, I felt really happy and proud of myself. I’m looking forward to the rat run and taking the roof off a car as well as putting out fires.

Elizabeth Davies

When I decided to apply for Fire Cadet I did it because I thought it would be a good addition to my C.V. and I thought it would be a good experience. I felt so proud of myself and my friends when we were told we’d got in. I was also very overwhelmed with happiness for getting in. I can’t wait for the ‘rat run’ and ripping the roof off a car.

Emily Checkley

I think being a Fire Cadet will be a good opportunity to build on my confidence and to gain new life skills. I felt so excited and honoured to be chosen to be part of the Fire Cadet Team for 2017 and I am most looking forward to ripping the roof off a car, as well as learning lots of life skills along the way.

Emma Gilmartin

I wanted to be a Fire Cadet as when they first came into school I was so interested. It will help me earn skills and help get me prepared for my future. Over the weekend, before we found out, I’d thought I wasn’t going to get in. Then when I was told I was successful, I was so shocked. I felt like it was a dream I was so happy. I’m more excited for learning what the fire station has to go through.

Joe Newsham

Being a Fire Cadet appealed to me as I thought it would be good to do something where I had more responsibility. Also, I have an interest in joining the emergency services too and I enjoy working in the community. I was very excited when I found out and I can’t wait to start training with my friends in a team. I am looking forward to getting my uniform so I can feel like a real Fire Cadet.

Noelia Bradley-Hall

I found the visit to school from the Fire Brigade and their demo very interesting and felt I’d like to learn the skills.I was so happy and shocked when I found out. I was so shocked that I was nearly crying because I really didn’t expect to get in but I was really pleased I did.I can’t want to learn all the different skills from first aid to the different ways the fire and rescue service s works.

Lewis Graham

I wanted to be a Fire Cadet because I was in search of a new challenge and felt this offered me just what I was looking for. I was absolutely amazed and really relieved when I was told I’d been successful. I really wanted the position so it was great when they told me I’d got the job.I can’t wait to get involved in the practical stuff with the hoses and fire engines. It’s going to be great.

Lauren Grundy

I wanted to be a Fire Cadet because I thought it would be a great opportunity that I wouldn’t get again so when I found out I’d been successful, I was so pleased. I was really pleased that the fire team wanted me as their cadet and I was proud of myself for getting the role. I can’t wait to help charities and visit the elderly. It’ll be really good to learn all the different new skills too.

Daniel Burke

Being a Fire Cadet was something I wanted to do because I wanted to join the service so I could learn more things. I was ecstatic when I found out I’d got in. I cannot wait to get started and I am more looking forward to putting out car fires.

Jack Waller

Being a Fire Cadet meant I would be able to help people, which I wanted to do. It also gives me the chance to work with people I wouldn’t normally. I was really relieved when I found out I’d been made a cadet as it meant all the practising and deciding what to say worked. I can’t wait to learn about the different fire extinguishers and of course cutting the roof off cars. 

Archie Hey

I thought being a Fire Cadet sounded fun and I can learn new skills, gain better self discipline and develop team work skills.I was really excited when I found out because I want to be a fire fighter in the future. I’m most looking forward to having a team of people to work with and also learning how to use a fire engine.