Joining Saint Aidan's

Transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3

As a parent you are faced with many difficult decisions. One of the most important has to be choosing the best school to educate your son or daughter.

We believe that here at Saint Aidan’s we offer the best all round education available in this area. The first step is to ensure we have an effective programme in place to make the transition from primary school to high school an exciting, challenging and happy experience.

“Our son has settled in really well to the school and is so happy. We are absolutely amazed in the transformation in his attitude to work. You have all given him a lot more confidence and self esteem. Thank you so much." Year 7 Parent

The school has an open-door policy and parents and friends are welcome to visit us any time. We are particularly pleased to welcome visitors to see the school at work. Every autumn, we hold our Open Evening when children from primary schools are invited to come along with their parents to look around the school and meet the teachers. Our students act as hosts and guides for the evening answering any questions openly and honestly.

What do we do?

  • We value the work done in primary school and build on what has been learnt so far.
  • We firmly believe we must maintain the motivation and enthusiasm of our students so they are keen to learn.
  • We discuss students’ abilities and needs with primary colleagues so we can plan specifically for your child’s education.

Activities and events to ensure a smooth, positive transfer:

  • Information Pack sent out in March to all new students
  • Visits to every primary school by Transition Co-ordinator in June to meet all our new students and talk to Year 6 teachers
  • Additional visits for students with SEN Induction Evening in July: important information is given to both students and parents
  • Induction Day: students have the chance to experience a full day at Saint Aidan’s and enjoy the culinary delights of our famous refectory
  • Pre-Start half day for all Year 7 students and their parents prior to the new term starting: all new students are invited to spend an afternoon with us to get to know the school, meet their form tutors, compete in quizzes and have tea with us. Parents have “sample” lessons and meet their child’s form tutor.
  • “Moving on Moving up” booklet is given to each student as well as two novels appropriate to ability. This encourages our students to show us what they can do and get them off to a flying start with their learning.
  • Graduated homework timetable: we appreciate how daunting and tiring coming to high school can be so we have tailored the homework timetable to ensure students are able to cope.
  • Homework Club: this takes place at lunchtimes and older students are on hand to offer support and advice
  • Close monitoring of students’ progress to ensure each and every student achieves their full potential
  • Questionnaire sent to all parents to enable us to further improve our procedures in the subsequent year
  • Regular book inspections to ensure students are working to the very best of their ability right from the beginning of Year 7
  • Use data and interim reports to track progress and identify underachievement

As you can see we have a highly effective way of ensuring all our new students enjoy the move to Saint Aidan’s.

We encourage in all our Year 7 students:

  • An enthusiasm for learning
  • Confidence in themselves as learners
  • A sense of achievement and purpose