Partnership with Parents

At Saint Aidan’s, we firmly believe that to ensure our students are successful and receive the best education possible there must be a strong relationship with parents. We aim to develop close home-school links where active parental involvement has a significant effect on student progress and achievement.

Recent research has shown that parental engagement is a decisive factor in a child’s education so we do everything we can to make our parents feel involved in all aspects of school life. We want our parents to have timely and accessible information about their children at school as it has a significant effect in stimulating this engagement.

Events and Courses

From the very first day of Year 7, parents are fully involved. They are invited to come along with their child for a half day before the start of the September term. A programme, including sample lessons and meeting Form Tutors, is designed to familiarise parents with the school environment, staff and the expectations of students.

Various events are held throughout the year. The Family Challenge Evening has always been very popular and created intense competition between families as they work together to win challenges such as “The Great Egg Drop” or “Sand Yacht Racing.” It is activities such as these that contribute to the successful partnerships we all value greatly.

Parents’ Master Classes are organised in the evenings to support parents who feel their knowledge needs updating. Maths and English classes are regular features for new parents.

Parents' Forums

Parents’ Forums are another way we encourage participation. There are forums for certain groups of students whose needs are very specific such as SEN and G&T. Termly meetings are held where parents are fully involved in decision making and reviewing school policies. The whole school Parents’ Forum also meets each term and all parents are invited to attend. These meetings offer the opportunity to raise issues, discuss policies and suggest ways in which we can improve our provision both educationally and socially. Further information on meetings, minutes etc. are available on Smoodle in the parents' area.

Research tells us that the key element to successful education is a strong home-school relationship and that active parental involvement has a significant effect on student progress and achievement. We do not really need research to tell us that as, I am sure you will all agree, it is basic common sense that if we show a real interest in the education of our children then they are going to feel motivated and enthused to do well.

These meetings aim to give parents the opportunity to discuss and share ideas as to how the education we provide at Saint Aidan’'s can be developed further and improved. All parents are welcome as we believe your comments can help us enhance our provision even further. We value what you say and hope you would like to be involved and contribute in some way. There is no commitment to attend every meeting but these meetings are occasions where you can make a difference.

We want to work together, with all of you, to ensure your child achieves the very best education possible.

This site has a range of information, ideas and resources for parents to support their son/daughter throughout all stages of their school life: